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The Dayton Fire Department is excited to announce that the Position of EMT and Paramedic is now open for applications through July 21, 2024!

DFD has been proudly serving this community and its citizens since 1863!  The department was recently named the “Outstanding Fire Service Organization” because of its incredibly professional, talented, experienced, and passionate personnel.  Our people are our most valuable asset.  With over 300 dedicated members, this department responds to more than 41,000 emergency calls for service annually.  Embracing the Core Values of Pride, Service, Courage, Discipline, and Commitment, the department works diligently every day to provide compassionate, effective, and high-performing Emergency Services.

Wage Consideration for Prior Service as an EMT or Paramedic:

“In accordance with the 2024-2026 I.A.F.F. contract, when the City hires new EMT and Paramedic personnel, who were City employees, or who were EMT or Paramedic personnel with another employer, the newly hired EMTs or Paramedics will move to the step rate of pay that is closest to, but higher than, their current rate of pay. If the external is paid higher than our current pay rate, they will be moved to the top step of the pay band. The employee will progress through the contractual wage steps in accordance with the time frames dictated in the wage addenda. This language will apply if an external paramedic is hired as a City EMT.”  Candidates will be required to provide proof of employment and wage information at the time of the offer of employment.

Questions? Contact the DFD Recruitment Office at (937) 333-3141 or by email at DFD-RECRUITING@DAYTONOHIO.GOV

For additional information, visit the DFD Recruitment website:

For those ready to apply please visit the application page at the Civil Service Employment Opportunities site: