What and Who is The Dayton Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team?

The main purpose for the formation of The Dayton Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team was and remains to be that of assistance to the Fire Departments located in Greene and Montgomery Counties.  Assistance is available to these communities in numerous ways.  First and foremost I would like to urge the Fire Chiefs and their Departments to never hesitate to contact the Coordinator at any time—and I do mean 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Law Enforcement Agencies are also urged to call with questions, but please remember the first point of contact for Hazardous Materials Incidents of all types must be the local Fire Department. 

The Team consists of members from fire departments in Greene and Montgomery Counties, along with selected representatives from private industry.  The Hazardous Materials Team Vehicles (Haz Mat-1 & Haz Mat-2) are housed at Dayton Fire Department Station 11 on Warren Street.  The DFD duty crews normally assigned to Engine 2 and Ladder 11 staffs these vehicles.  Reserve vehicles are located at Dayton Fire Department (Haz Mat-3) and Moraine Fire Department (Haz Mat-4). The Wright Patterson Air Force Base Fire Department maintains a fully equipped Unit and offers it whenever needed for a response by the Team. 

A Coordinator whose office is located with the Miami Valley Fire and EMS Alliance manages the Team.  The Coordinator’s position also includes duties as the Community Emergency Coordinator for the Local Emergency Planning Committee (MGLERC).

The Team is funded through a per capita assessment that is currently paid by each community in Greene and Montgomery Counties.  The Greene and Montgomery County Commissions along with Wright Patterson Air Force Base each pay a fee to the Team.

Types of Assistance Available:

Consultation is available to all communities for information pertaining to handling, storage and use of Hazardous Materials within its boundaries.  The Coordinator is always willing to meet with agencies for site pre-plans and familiarization with specific fixed facilities and transport companies in their jurisdiction. 

Consultation for dealing with accidental releases and spills is always available to the local fire department.  For law enforcement and other agencies, please keep in mind during Hazardous materials incidents the Fire Chief or his/her designate in the jurisdiction where the emergency exists is responsible for coordination of all on-scene activities.  For this reason and the fact that the Team really works for the Fire Chiefs, fire departments should be requesting consultation or any other type of assistance needed at the scene.  For a consultation at an emergency scene, attempt to contact the Team Coordinator first.  If the coordinator is not available, contact the Duty Officer at Dayton Fire Department Station 11; please contact the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center to speak with Duty Officer at DFD Station 11.

Coordinator response to the scene is an option to assist the On-Scene Incident Commander with necessary notifications and offer advice in the decision-making process as needed and requested by the I. C.

Haz-Mat Unit response to the scene is an option to assist the local fire department with any number of tasks, including and up to the mitigation of the incident utilizing Level A chemical protective clothing. 

Training is available from the Coordinator.  If you would like a presentation to your department or staff, contact the Coordinator.

The goal for the Team in providing any assistance is to bring all incidents to a safe conclusion with a minimum negative impact on the environment and property.

Dayton Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team

Gary Rettig


Office: (937) 901-5112