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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the Alliance activities.  The committee includes five members elected by the Board of Directors.  One member represents the City of Dayton, one represents full-time departments, two represent combination departments and one represents volunteer departments.  Members serve a two year term.  Except where the By-Laws may require action to be authorized or taken by the Alliance Board, all authority of the Fire/EMS Alliance shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Executive Committee to implement the approved work program within the approved budget.  Among other things, the Executive Committee may appoint boards and committees and designate duties of each; authorize the expenditure of funds; recommend the programs which the Fire/EMS Alliance will promote and do whatever may be necessary to fulfill the purpose of the Fire/EMS Alliance.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works on issues related to communication in the Miami Valley region and more specifically Greene and Montgomery Counties.  The committee, working with law enforcement, has oversight on a regional communications template for 800 MHz radios.  Other efforts include re-banding, mutual aid response, communication during a mass casualty or pandemic event, training for departments, exercises for departments that have mutual aid agreements and county-wide training exercises.

EMS & Emergency Services Committee

The EMS Committee prepares the annual EMS Supplies Bid.  The bids have been an important reason to belong to the Alliance.  Consistently, discounts have been approximately 25-30%.  The Committee has worked on issues of common software for emergency rooms and EMS providers.  Other initiatives for the Emergency Services Committee have been regarding regional IMT and ICS.

Health & Wellness Committee

The Health & Wellness Committee plan and prepare educational events that promote the safety, health and wellness of the firefighters in the region.  Their mission is to help reduce the national statistic that over 50% of firefighter deaths are caused by heart disease. They have sponsored classes, seminars and workshops on health and wellness. Related topics have been CISM, Peer Fitness Trainers, Nutrition and Outreach Programs that included doctors, hospital wellness organizations and other experts to distribute information.  The committee has developed a Wellness and Fitness Template to encourage firefighters to become more physically fit.

Training/HR/Support Committee

The Training/HR/Support Committee is responsible for the oversight of the Entry Level Testing Process.  The Alliance presently conducts three test cycles a year.  The testing process consists of a Written Exam with four parts; human relations, mechanical, math and reading and the IAFF/IAFC approved CPAT Exam.  A committee approved Candidate Eligibility List contains contact information, test scores and notation of Ohio Registry Certifications that is distributed to all members to sort according to their needs.  The Alliance does not hire firefighters, nor does it set hiring practices. In addition to the testing process, the committee works on areas of employment and benefits.  The Alliance currently is promoting a health benefits program for all part-time municipal employees.

Training Committee

The Training Committee works on issues that relate to the improvement of training for firefighters. Issues of fire ground safety are foremost. The committee has hosted a weekend fire school, “Spring Training Camp” for Montgomery County. The Committee developed a mobile May Day Training Trailer with May Day SOG, props, use agreements, and train-the-trainer exercises. The State of Ohio has mandated firefighters to have CEU’s for certification. The Alliance, along with its partner, Sinclair Community College, presents 2 monthly webinars for fire and fire inspector certification. Certifications may be obtained by contacting the Alliance Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the CEU. All webinars are archived on the Alliance website under the Resources tab.

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